Margot H.

Yoga and mindfulness provides an opportunity to breathe, stretch, learn, and grow.

Very young children are like little sponges. They soak up everything around them and it helps shape their foundation. These little yogis will be encouraged to explore yoga through play using a lot of hands on materials such as books, sensory toys, scarves, balls, music, singing, instruments, bean bags and more! The practice can be secular, and can be easily accommodated in all types of spaces with or without yoga mats. Class types include: Baby yoga, Parent and Me Yoga, Toddler Yoga, and Pre-K Yoga.

Yoga and Mindfulness for Early Childhood
(ages 6 weeks-5 years)


What are the benefits?

• Brain development
• Body and Mind Awareness
• Posture and core strength
• Promotes bonding and attachment
• Improved sleep quality
• Language skills + more!

Get ready to Grow.

Our world is big, stressful and overwhelming. More and more kids are being asked to sit still in school, ignore their bodies instincts, and focus without ever truly being taught how. Yoga and mindfulness promotes healthy kids. These classes are for school age children. The practice can be secular, and can be easily customized to fit all types of spaces with chairs, with or without yoga mats. The benefits are physical, cognitive, social, and emotional.

Yoga and Mindfulness for kids, tweens, and teens


What are the benefits?

• Increased flexibility
• Greater balance
• Endurance and strength
• Builds strong bones
• Fosters resilience and independence 
• Relieves anxiety + increases focus

Building Self-Awareness + Compassion.

When was the last time you asked yourself how you felt or what you needed? As the saying goes: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Self care is not a luxury. It’s a way of showing up for yourself, so you can do so for others. Yoga and mindfulness can be an effective way of “showing up” for yourself. In this workshop you will learn valuable self care practices that can be done any time or anywhere right in the moment you need it. It might be what helps you prevent burn out at work, relieve stress, find calm, be present, and love yourself a whole lot more. 

Workshops for Educators/Support Staff/Parents

Self Care Workshop: 


Yoga and Mindfulness practices for kids:

In this workshop you’ll learn easy to teach yoga and mindfulness tools to share with children. Additionally, you will feel confident offering these practices right away. This hands on workshop will allow you to explore simple breathing exercises, mindful movement breaks, games that are fun but that promote increased focus, and ways to release energy and foster peace in your community. 

***Workshops are 120 minutes each***

Cultivate Peace.

New to kids yoga? Have questions about teaching yoga and mindfulness to the kids in your life? Looking to receive feedback, or just connect with a fellow professional in this field? I’d love to chat! This service is offered via Phone or Zoom consultation. Contact me for pricing options!

1:1 mentorship for yoga teachers


Consulting for school + childcare

Looking to connect with a kids yoga professional for your teachers/personnel regarding simple implementation or to receive a comprehensive list of resources for your school directly targeting the age and population of students? Let’s connect! This service is offered via Phone or Zoom consultation. Contact me for pricing options!

Let's Grow Together.

Looking to host a workshop or training? 

Please view this page to view all current offerings. All workshops can be either virtual or in person and can be tailored to meet your exact needs. No previous experience required! Email or fill out the contact form to learn more and discuss pricing. 

I understand the power of Yoga + Mindfulness for everyday living and the invaluable benefits!

Yoga offers kids a chance to connect body, mind, and breath in a fun, curious way with emphasis on exploration and non judgement.

I'm driven to help unlock this connection within all the communities that I serve everyday!



After being a teacher for 10+ years there's three things I know. The children that I serve, the people that support these children, and the tools that help them truly excel in life.

Mindful parents and teachers create mindful kids and students which has the ability to create a more peaceful world.

I offer multi system solutions to help children thrive! It's not a "one size fits all" and I'm here to meet the unique needs of children.

an advocate for mindfulness that "gets it"


Yoga and mindfulness provides an opportunity to breathe, stretch, learn, and grow. But we explore this opportunity with songs, props, and lots of smiles + laughter!

Who says we can't thrive and have fun while doing it?!

I honor the value of fun!



Margot teaches children through a variety of activities to learn to pause in order to become more aware of what it happening inside their bodies/minds. Margot is calm, present and patient. Her program has had a positive influence on the culture inside the classroom as well.

(Principal, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy, Brooklyn NY)

"Margot presents these practices from her heart!"

The students had a blast! They were able to learn about yoga, do poses, dance, sing, participate in mindfulness activities, practice breathing and so much more. I highly recommend Margot to other schools!

(Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Queens, NY)

"Margot is an excellent teacher!"

I recommend Margot's consulting to anyone that works with children! She was a huge help in making my toddler yoga classes a smashing success. I teach yoga classes to kids of all ages, but the toddler class was one I didn't feel I had a good grasp on. Margot's coaching and tips were instrumental in making our toddler classes a success.

(Co-founder and Owner of Dharamsala TC and Just Bee Yoga Studio)

"I felt confident, excited, and energized to teach!"

Mrs. Harris is warm, welcoming, punctual and professional. She takes great pride in her work and it shows. She forms strong bonds with her students and clients and always provides excellent customer service when needed.

(Education and Health Services Manager, Glen Cove, NY)

"I can't wait till she visits my Program again!"

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