Margot cohosts the Anxiety Warriors Podcast with friend, colleague, and fellow Warrior, Abigail Wilber. This passion project is a rewarding outlet for Margot to advocate for anxiety awareness, and mental health. Her own experiences as a life long Anxiety Warrior has led her to where she is as a yoga and mindfulness educator for all.

We are teachers, friends, yogis, storytellers, and most of all anxiety warriors! We've learned that our anxious feelings make us stronger.

We want this platform to be a place to call home. In each episode we'll dive deep on a new topic, tell stories, share experiences, and get real about navigating this thing called LIFE. There will be guest interviews, games, and giveaways! Available on Spotify + Apple Podcasts!


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Margot H.

This episode is all about social anxiety:  how and when it shows up, the varying degrees of social anxiety they've experienced and best practices for navigating it before, during and after. They break down some of their favorite strategies for finding bravery and stepping out of comfort zones in unfamiliar situations!

I came. I saw. I had anxiety. So, I left.


In this episode, Abby and Margot share a bit about how people pleasing shows up in their lives. They tell stories about how people pleasing affects and affected their relationships in the workplace, and personal lives. Most importantly, they discuss the impact that it has on their relationships to themselves.

Note to Self: I Can't Please Everyone!


In this episode, Abby and Margot explore the reasons why they hid their anxiety from others, and why they've chosen to be more open, and vulnerable about it now. Showing up as our true selves can be tricky, especially when our nervous systems are unregulated!

Anxiety, Courage, and Boundaries...OH MY!


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