Mindfulness, Movement, and Embodiment Practices for Kids and Teens

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Intentionally crafted services for the children/teens in your life to explore mindfulness, movement and embodiment strategies to improve their overall wellbeing. We invite your kids, and you- the grown ups in their lives to have opportunities to connect with others to create a sense of community! We are a “no pressure zone” that is all inclusive and strategically differentiated to meet needs both emotionally and physically of all participants. Our "adventures" are organized by age groups with class offerings in a variety of different themes! 

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We recognized the need for comprehensive support, particularly in the realms of mental health and social/emotional learning. We firmly believe that every child deserves to be acknowledged and cherished, offering them a secure and inclusive space to express their true selves. Our transformative services harness the power of mindfulness, movement, and embodiment to enhance self-awareness, instill confidence, resilience, and joy in individuals of all ages. Just like muscles, our brains can strengthen and adapt through consistent practice, making personal growth and mindset shifts more attainable. Join us on this empowering journey towards a brighter future.

Where our purpose lies in bridging the gaps that exist within our education and healthcare systems.

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How we navigate our early years directly influences how we live the rest of our lives. We are not powerless over our experience. Mindfulness, movement and embodiment strategies allow folks of all ages to access their inner power and therefore enhance their wellbeing!