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Margot H.

i'm here to show kids how to tune into themselves, trust their instincts, remain grounded, present + curious. 

and songs for my students in order to help them process and retain information. My students would remember the shared readings that I would create and “read” them throughout the year from the shared reading binder I had in the library section of the classroom. It was fun!

Every weekend, I’d spend an hour in my local library looking for new children’s titles to grace the student library at school. When I wasn’t borrowing books, I was buying them! My children’s book collection (now totaling over 150!) is still ever growing, as it is my favorite teaching tool. There is nothing more engaging and powerful than the written and spoken word, especially in early development. Pair that with captivating illustrations, and you’ll undoubtedly capture the minds and hearts of kids big and small.

As a preschool teacher for 10 years I wrote hundreds of rhymes...



My Journey...

I’ve always loved to read and write, and would spend hours journaling and writing poetry in my youth. Years later, when I began teaching, I dreamed of writing a children’s book. But, I continuously told myself, “No! You’re a teacher…not a writer.” or “You can’t, there’s no time.” or worse yet, “You’re not good or strong enough.” Have you ever felt this way too?

Even as I transitioned into teaching yoga and mindfulness, my personal doubt was relentless. My job was (is) to show kids how to tune into themselves, trust their instincts, and remain grounded and present and curious. But, here I was, not practicing what I preached. 

I knew I could write. I knew that if I really poured my heart and soul into the process, along with my knowledge of children’s books…that I could do this! 

At the start of the pandemic...

I stopped dreaming. Instead, I started doing. I stopped doubting. Instead I started believing. I stopped overthinking and putting too much pressure on myself. Instead I started taking each step one breath at a time. I practiced what I preached. I wrote and self published a children’s book, and I’m very proud of my pandemic baby! Even when my doubt creeps in, which it always does…I KNOW I AM ENOUGH. 

So are you. 

You owe it to yourself to continue to dream chase, and go for things that set your heart ablaze. It’s what we want the kids in our lives to learn, and they are always watching. So, take a leap. You never know where it’ll take you!

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visit options:

• Virtual or in person (NY metro area) 
• 30-45 minutes (age group dependent)
• Custom and interactive book reading
• Author Q & A
• Signed copy of Cookie Doughga
• Additional mindfulness practices (time dependent)

Meet  the Author Visits

Add on:

• Mini workshop/training for parents or educators to bring more mindfulness into the home/school/office. (1 hour)
• Additional books are available upon request.

Available now on Amazon with 5 STAR ⭐️ Ratings, Readers Favorite Award Winner and 5 star recipient! Come along with Maria and her Mama as they make cookies shaped like yoga, and then practice each pose together!

In this sweet and simple rhyming story, your child will explore 10 foundational yoga poses as well as quick and effective mindfulness techniques to help in times of worry or stress. Cookie Doughga: A Book about yoga, mindfulness, and cookies! empowers children to observe their mind, and use their body as a tool for taking charge of their emotions.

Whether they're jumping like a frog, soaring in an airplane, or dozing like a sleepy mouse, each page engages a child's senses, joy, and wonder. This story is great for all ages, but perfect for children ages 3-8.

***Cookie Doughga is sold locally on Long Island, NY at Hitch in Babylon, Once Upon a Treetop in Plainview, and The Nesting Place in Farmingdale!

Cookie Doughga: A Book about yoga, mindfulness and cookies!
By Harris, Margot


Let's go shopping!

The book is helpful for kids to learn  how to observe their minds and use yoga movements to help manage their  emotions. My boys absolutely love this book and the fact that we also  have cookie cutters shaped as yogis! Every time we read the book they  want to make cookies and yoga shapes."

(Celebrity Trainer, Founder of Peloton Yoga, Author and Entrepreneur)

"It helps quell anxiety and encourage focus and positivity."

Through the shared experience of baking, this story is a beautiful and engaging way to express the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Everyone will have a great time exploring yoga, infused with the joy of making cookies. I will be using this story in my kids yoga classes for sure!"

(Critically acclaimed NY Times best selling Author, Yoga and Mindfulness educator and public speaker)

" I love Cookie Doughga so much!"

Cookie Doughga is an inventive way to introduce yoga and mindfulness. Cookie Doughga will be welcomed by parents and teachers who want to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with young people in their life. Kids will be excited to make their own Cookie Doughga!

(Reader's Favorite)

"Yoga and Cookies, what a clever combination!"

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